Below are the 10 most commonly asked questions.If you have other questions that are not listed, please feel free to call anytime.  

​1. What can the band do to keep our cost down?

When hiring us direct there are no agency fees, or extra hidden costs, you would only be dealing directly with us.
We have a small but powerful production of lights and sound we own exclusively so we use no outside venders.
We are compact and have multiple instrument capabilities. We have our own DJ Set up so we have no need to rent or to add more cost.
We can provide a song played live or the original artist if wanted. Having the best and latest equipment allows us to have full horn and string ensemble added to our music without having to employ additional horns and strings. sections.We believe all members should be playing throughout the reception and not have members standing around waiting to perform.

 2. How long does the band play and what about music during their breaks?
Most events are booked for a four (4) hour time block. Of course you can always add more time if needed. We  bring a CD player or iPod to be played during our breaks loaded with thousands of songs. We work closely with banquet managers to align our breaks in music with the serving of courses throughout the evening 

3. Can we mellow the music out for the dinner hour?

You bet!  Jazz, ballads, and light background music is essential during the reception’s beginning and during dinner. You can choose to have CDs or an iPod played, or our small ensembles can provide background music while your guests enjoy their food.

 4. Can we have the band play the ceremony and cocktail?

Yes, we can have a few choices of a live Piano, or sax, guitar or any of these combinations you choose.
Note: We also provide Cd‘s, IPod, or a laptop of digital music at no additional charge. 

5. Can we add our own song choices?

Of course, we will carefully work with you to choose the songs you feel would be appropriate for your wedding. We even will ask you what songs you would prefer we do not play. If you do not see your special song on our song list, let us know and we will learn it for you. We ask you to provide us with four weeks’ notice. 

6. Can we see the band?

Yes, you’re welcome to stop in to one of our future venues or we can arrange a private showcase for you and your family, if needed. 

7. How many musicians perform with Face 2 Face?

The Face 2 Face band consists of 5 members; a female lead vocalist, lead guitar, bass guitar, drummer, and a multi keyboardist. (We can add additional musicians if requested)

 8. Will the musicians that I hire be the same musicians who perform at my event?

Absolutely, the members you see prior to the wedding will be the same members who will  perform the day of your reception. 

9. Does the band perform at a volume that is comfortable for me and for my guests?
This is an question that only an experienced band can answer honestly. Having hundreds of songs to perform is important but knowing when to play a song is key to Face 2 Face's success. We hear concern from our brides and grooms that the band’s volume should not interfere with their guests’ enjoyment of the party, and we agree! It is our commitment and promise to perform at a volume that is comfortable for your audience. Numerous exclusive catering halls and country clubs who will recommend Face 2 Face based upon our consistent ability to perform with elegance, versatility and energy at a volume which allows conversation to go on easily.

10. Will the band interact with our guests?
Defiantly, Our band is your band .We guarantee we will work with your crowd to ensure the best time ever! We know how to get your guests excited and involved in the fun. Dance floors always get a “major” workout at our affairs. Having had years of club and party experience, we will play the right songs at the right time to get guest dancing and singing along with us. Knowing when to choose the right song and flow is key and Face 2Face takes pride in that.We have had our guests join in with our band for a song, or play a tambourine, and unlike a DJ, we can even offer your guests to play one of our instruments along with us. We have had the Bride/Grooms friend's and family sing with the band many times, we even have had the bride play drums. Once we get the crowd going we tend to not want to stop and lose the momentum. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and it MUST be flawless! The music that is played must please guests of all ages and musical tastes. You can count on our extraordinary talent and extensive years of experience. There are two things that people remember and talk most about after a wedding is the food and The MUSIC!At least with us, you already got one RIGHT. No one will want to go home!